Traveling with your photography and videography equipment can be just as much exciting as it is nerve-racking. But if you plan well in advance using our tips, you can look forward to the excitement minus the stress. Avoid the headaches that come with traveling abroad with your equipment for the first time with our tried and tested tips.

The first mistake you might attempt to make is carrying too much with you out of sheer excitement. Visiting a foreign country can also have us suffering a potential case of fear of missing out. You want to capture every moment and not miss an opportunity. This is when the just-in-case items creep their way in.

Essential Packing Tips

Compile a list of every little thing you absolutely need and leave out the just-in-case items. Try not to overpack. Photography and videography gear is heavy as it is, so make your travels easier by not lugging around the equipment you probably won’t use.

When it comes to packing the gear that will travel with you, make sure to pack it all un-assembled. Separate lenses from cameras and all other equipment that can be safely pulled apart. Forgetting your charger will quickly ruin your otherwise exciting trip which is exactly why it’s a must-have (and should be the first thing you pack).

Due to TSA regulations, there is a limit on how much lithium batteries you can travel with (only in your checked-in luggage). Check the official TSA website at the time of travel for more information on the exact limit.

Take care of two birds with one stone by using clothing as make-shift padding for your equipment. This will save you a lot of room to store the equipment you need. Take a photo of how you’ve packed it before sealing up your luggage so you can refer to it when packing for the return trip.

When it comes to photography or videography accessories such as tripods and lights, make sure to pack your most lightweight and versatile options. You probably want to pack it all, but you’d be surprised how much you can make do with by bringing your most versatile equipment.

Monopods are great for travel. They are lightweight and stable, making it perfect for still photography and videography work. At just a fraction of the size of most other alternatives, this is a must for traveling. In general, keep your luggage (carry-on and checked-in) as light as possible to avoid going over the weight restrictions and all the headaches that go with it.

Make sure to also pack your photography cleaning tools such as lens wipes, brushes, cloths, and spray.

Pack The Most Expensive Equipment in Your Carry-on

All seasoned travelers who also happen to be photographers/videographers will vouch for this. Your carry on luggage won’t be thrown around and damaged, and you can keep a close eye on it. You are entitled to a carry-on bag and a personal item bag which is typically a laptop bag. This gives you leeway to carry more of your most expensive and prized possessions on board with you.

Keep it within plain sight at all times, usually a row ahead of you on the opposite side (which you can see from a sitting position).

Organize Insurance Before Your Trip

Purchasing travel insurance for your photography and videography equipment that covers both loss and damage is probably the most important of all our tips.

World Nomads are a well-known insurance company that provides comprehensive policies for travelers with photography and videography equipment. You also have an array of other options with companies like Travelex, Insurancewide, Travel Guard, and PPA Photo Care Insurance, just to name a few. Shop around for the best price that suits your needs.

Whether Travelling by Plane or Train, Arrive Early

This is especially true for the airport, where check-in and security checks are concerned, but in general, allowing yourself plenty of time before travel is a great idea. Rushing around is not only a sure-fire way to forget important pieces of equipment but also a way to damage your gear.

Have you traveled recently with your photography gear? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks and airport stories. Leave us a comment below and tell us your experience traveling with photography and videography equipment.

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