How to Pick the Right Topic For Your YouTube Channel

YouTube sees hundreds of hours of content uploaded every hour. You need to do more than simply upload a good-looking video. To be discovered on YouTube today, you need to drill down into a niche.

If you are really serious about seeing your YouTube channel become successful, you need to pick a topic that is not only something you are passionate about, but also something which will get people clicking on your videos.

What Makes a Topic a Good One?

The ideal topic for your YouTube channel is one that people are already searching for right now. It should also be something that does not have that much competition currently. It will also need to be something with which you can demonstrate your knowledge and passion.

Finding the right topic will take work and it will be something highly specific to you. You will have to put some thought and deliberation into the selection process, as well as some research.

If you are looking for guidance on how to pick the right topic for your YouTube channel, here is some more guidance:

Choose a Topic That Solves a Problem

Can you improve someone’s life in some way? Can you help someone by giving them what they need or are looking for? Every single video on YouTube that became popular fulfilled a need of some kind. Yes, even that adorable cat video fulfilled a need…the need to laugh and smile.

The topic you choose can also teach real-life skills. People love “How To” videos, so think of a topic and then enter that phrase into Google to see what common searches are for that niche. Pick one and turn the answer into a video.

Choose a Topic You Are Passionate About or Good At

No, you do not need to be an expert in a particular topic to make videos about it. All you need to do is provide your unique perspective on it and have it be backed by some facts. It helps if you are a charismatic personality, but you should at the very least provide valuable information that people can take away from the video.

If you already know a good deal amount a topic, you will not have to spend lots of time doing research, which sometimes can be tedious and time-consuming. The more of an expert you are at something, the quicker and more easily you will be able to churn out videos that can help people.

Choose a Topic You Enjoy

Even if you are not an expert on a given topic, you should at least enjoy it. Everyone has hobbies and interests. Pick one that has a lower level of competition and start learning more about it. There are certain topics that have become so incredibly saturated that you will likely never get any significant traction if you choose them. Pick one of your interests that is a little more obscure and expand your knowledge and understanding of it.

When you choose a topic you enjoy, you ensure that you will be able to continue making videos for a long time without getting sick of doing so. Some people start a channel because they believe the topic is something that people like right now, but they don’t particularly enjoy it. You need something you are absolutely passionate about. This should be something you get excited when you think about it and something which you yearn to learn more about.

Find Uncommon & Unique Topics

One of the best ways to choose a good topic to center your YouTube channel on is to research what people are looking up, but has little to no content already created by other YouTubers. While it’s quite possible to be successful with a channel niche that other channels are in, it can be a whole lot easier sometimes to pick a theme no one has chosen yet. In general research and planning are the most important part of the process and the more planning you do ahead of time, the easier it will be down the road.

Start Making Those Videos!

Remember that your YouTube channel is for your audience. Without an audience, you are a party of one. Provide something of value to people and they will watch your videos. Keep them engaged, since that increases watch time. The more watch time you have, the more YouTube’s algorithm will favor you over other YouTube channels.

Most importantly of all, have fun! If it isn’t fun, you are not in the right niche. Whatever topic you choose will be something you will have to stick with for a long time to come, so think about it long and hard before you take the plunge and make a commitment.



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