Don’t Take The Bait: Why Clickbait Is A Bad Trend And Should Be Avoided

Clickbait titles are written in such a way that they evoke extreme emotions such as curiosity, excitement, and sometimes even anger. Clickbait can also exist in the form of a thumbnail or an image that may also evoke these emotions. These types of clickbait are mostly found in blogs and video sharing websites such as YouTube.

How do you identify clickbait? It’s quite simple. Just read the topic and if it seems far fetched and extreme, it is most likely clickbait. The same goes for video thumbnails. Both of these work in tandem to grab your attention. It is always advisable to avoid clickbait so that you are safe while surfing the internet. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should never click on clickbait.

  1. They Affect Genuine Content Creators: Creators of genuine content such as informative/entertaining videos, blogs, articles, and forums have to compete with bogus content that holds no real value on the internet. The clickbait links attract and gain people’s attention by merely posting evocative text/titles and images. They don’t need to invest time in creating content and use their brains to deliver quality to people looking for great, original content online. And, unfortunately, due to the lack of a common understanding of what a ‘clickbait’ link/image is, many buy into the bogus content.


  1. It Brings Down The Overall Quality Of Online Content: We surf the internet to find information, to get help, and to be entertained. However, clickbait content brings down this quality by misusing your enjoyment to direct it towards its quality-deprived content. Let’s suppose that out of 100 content files on the internet there are 15 that are clickbait. This means the potential for those files has dropped to 85% due to these low-level content files.


  1. It Benefits Bogus Content Creators and Businesses: Clickbait content creators consist of two major categories. First, are those that are shady businesses and are selling bogus/fake products that never work, but also put your life/wellbeing at risk. Then, there are those that are merely seeking attention to gain more likes to further the popularity of their garbage content and eventually make big bucks out of it. When you click any of those clickbait titles or images, you are encouraging these shady and fake individuals/enterprises to churn out more bogus content. Clickbait is essentially content that creates a call to action based on some kind of quick, monetary gain.


  1. It Can Be Computer Malware: Clickbait that is found right between the blog and the comment section can redirect you to shady links that open ‘visually appealing’ images, while at the same time, send some sort of computer malware code to your local device. The malware may get access to your data and even activate your webcam whenever you switch on your computer.


  1. Brings Down Your Enthusiasm: Not all clickbait is malignant. Some are just plain boring. Such content will bring down your enthusiasm and will-power to seek answers to your questions or to get a problem solved through an internet search. In this way, clickbait can work as a wet cloth to dampen your fire of learning.


Clickbait is the malcontent of the internet. It began somewhere around a decade and a half back when the internet experienced a massive surge in people accessing it. Due to faster developments in IT and telecommunications infrastructure in developing nations, a class of people suddenly had access to loads of information. This led to some opportunists crafting information that appealed to these folks who didn’t know how to differentiate between high-quality and low-quality content. Whatever be the reasons, clickbait is the ‘cancer’ of the internet and should be avoided at all times.

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