Connect Better, Connect Closely: Why Vlogging Is Better Than Blogging

When blogging became a trend in the early 2000s, it caught up fast with the growth of the internet. At the time, it was hailed as one of the top innovations in the world of the internet, as they were.

Cut fast to the late 2000s and the early 2010s, the age of online video sharing had reached its peak. With a variety of video content now available, some people were talking directly to their audiences on video. The videos were more like personal logs, but only with viewer engagement at its core. The trend soon spiked and began to be called a “vlog” which was a neologism combining video + blog.

Vlogs have become commonplace on the internet and are no longer a niche. This hasn’t taken text off the charts and blogs are still being read by netizens. However, vlogs have carved their own space in cyberspace and are being embraced by more and more content creators.

Popular family blogger Justin McClure maintains the opinion that vlogs and blogs can go together hand-in-hand. However, if you too are a content creator, you do not necessarily have to have a blog if you already have a vlog. So let’s understand the top four reasons why vlogging is better than blogging.

  1. People Respond Better To Video Format: Watching a video is much better than reading plain text. Videos bring the world of the blogger right into your home. You don’t have to read long texts no matter how interesting they sound. An audio-visual quality of the video is inherently appealing and the information dissemination is through the visuals which makes it easier for the viewers to absorb. It requires less attention, and one can be more in his/her comfort zone, rather than sitting focused on a wall of text.


  1. The Interactions Are More Intimate: This point can be considered as an extension of the above point. However, it still deserves a mention of its own since there is a lot to talk about here. When a viewer watches your video/vlog, he or she is able to connect with you on a more personal level since they are able to see your face and view your experiences on their computer/smartphone screen. This audio-visual experience is denser than reading text. As a result, whatever they have seen and heard on your vlog, is retained better in their memory. If your content is clever, informative, and profound, they will come back, craving more.


  1. Vlogs Are Interesting To Create: This is not to say that writing a blog is a dull and boring job. Writers with skills and passion will be more than happy to punch those keys and write paragraph after paragraph about their topic. However, videos are more fun since there exists a level of excitement that comes from the knowledge that people are going to watch your face and the background space. The constantly changing backgrounds and your personality creates a dopamine rush for the vlogger and the viewer.


  1. Vlogs Retain And Attract More People: Given the audio-visual and intimate nature of vlogs, they are able to not only retain a great number of followers but also attract new ones. Since blogs are text, people usually wouldn’t find them attractive or worth reading. This point is, of course, barring the patient ones who wouldn’t mind reading textual content over the internet. However, with changing generations, millennials and Generation Z’ers are more into watching video formats rather than reading text. Videos also have this power of becoming viral or have the power to spread quickly through the internet. The same cannot be said about blogs. In a nutshell, vlogs are more reachable.

Will Vlogs Eventually Kick Blogs Out Of The Internet?

This won’t happen outrightly, but the number of people creating vlogs (and other video content) will begin to outnumber those who write blogs after a couple of decades. Or so we can anticipate. As a result, blogs will become a niche within the netizen community, but it is unlikely that they will become extinct anytime soon. The existence of websites like Reddit says enough about the future of textual content on the internet that it is here to stay.

If you are a blogger and don’t want to be edged out in competition by others, always remember that you need to keep your blogs sharp, interesting and profound, so much so that they outperform even vlogs. Or even better, you can create a parallel vlog where you can talk about different things or things in a different way to your followers/readers.



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