In the event that you need to get your content out on the planet, you have plenty of choices. You can begin a blog, a vlog, a digital broadcast, a newsletter, post articles on LinkedIn, post Instagram stories, Snapchat stories of your life, and the list goes on.

As you may have speculated, whatever starts with “v” is related to video. In this situation, they’re the visual counterparts of blogging and podcasting. What’s the advantage of video? All things considered, it is the most prevalent online medium. This prominence implies that by embracing the visual culture, you can help your visibility. In this post, you will learn about vlogs and vodcasts. You’ll discover how to watch them, and furthermore how to make your own.


Vlogging is basically a visual type of blogging. Rather than posting text-based substance, you record and upload a video. Normally, this is like a journal (in the event that you’ve seen Big Brother, you’ll have an idea of how it functions). Google academic vlog or Ph.D. Vlog to discover some of the examples. Researchers have vlogged on a wide range of themes; however, the absolute most helpful are those that pursue a specific journey. For instance, the last year of the Ph.D., or the post-PhD pursuit of employment. Obviously, these experiences could be passed on through a customary blog; however, the way that you can see the researcher makes it significantly more personal.

Investigate the vlog channel over at Here you’ll discover a variety of researchers from various disciplines. Emma Cole is extraordinary compared to other known scholastic vloggers. She discusses the viva experience and beginning a new position after graduation. There’s also the Twitter hashtag #phdvlog. You’ll see that there is not much at the moment, which means it’s still a good way of getting noticed.

If you need to make your own vlog, it’s quite easy. It shouldn’t be a polished publication and your cell phone camera is most likely sufficient for the purpose. Ensure you have a smaller than normal tripod or a strategically located cabin for propping up your gadget. At that point, you’re good to go. For more tips on getting the most out of your cell phone, follow the steps in this basic guide.

It’s recommended to make a YouTube channel for broadcasting your vlog. You’ll gain access to some essential video-altering functionality. In the event that you become a web sensation, YouTube will even pay you a portion of their promoting income.

As with blogging, you have to think about a few points in vlogging too.

  1. For what reason would you be vlogging?
  2. What are you expecting it will do for you?
  3. Who is your group of viewers?
  4. What are you going to discuss?
  5. How frequently will you vlog? (ensure it’s feasible)

Internet abilities to focus are notoriously short, so go for a limit of 10 minutes. You may get a portion of the advantages of blogging in a fraction of the time.


There’s not a gigantic difference among vlogging and vodcasting, and the terms are sometimes utilized reciprocally. For the most part, however, vodcasting is less personal. You could be speaking simply about your subject and not your own involvement. The favorable position over a digital recording is that you can share visual material, as well. For instance, in case you’re an architectural historian, you could make a recording before a specific structure. Abstract researchers may demonstrate an illuminated manuscript.

Effectively the most celebrated vodcast is TED Talks. In spite of the fact that they are displayed by various speakers, it’s an arrangement with a topic (though an expansive one) and viewers that can subscribe to get notifications. In spite of the fact that you can select audio-only of TED, looking at the body language of the speakers makes us feel the passionate component of their thoughts, and the slides are useful for getting a handle on progressively complex thoughts.

As with vlogs, you can make a vodcast recording on your cell phone and transfer it to YouTube. Vimeo and SoundCloud are additionally suitable platforms with free versions. Viewers can get to vodcasts legitimately on these platforms, or through applications like iTunes.

Vlogging and vodcasting bring a few advantages:

  • They’re a great method for getting you and your plans to a more extensive group of viewers.
  • You can create important specialized information.
  • It’s extraordinary practice for open talking.
  • You never know, you may even turn into a web sensation!

So now that you have some idea about vlogging and vodcasting, decide what you want to create and start uploading it on the internet!


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