Searching for an idea to make that first video for YouTube? Here are some possible topics!

Intro Video

If you are new to making YouTube videos, you can start by introducing yourself. You can give a detailed introduction about yourself. Also, you can explain your purpose of making your YouTube videos.  You have to give a very good first impression, so try to make a video that will make your viewers come back again to watch your other videos.

Channel Trailer

As of now, if you don’t have a channel trailer, making a channel trailer will help new followers find out about your channel. It might be the ideal time to make one. Your channel trailer is a video that naturally starts playing when somebody visits your channel. Having an intriguing introduction video can enable you to get more subscribers.

Explain Why and How You Began on YouTube

In case you have been on YouTube for some time, talk about why you decided to start uploading videos to YouTube and your experience since the beginning. What guidance would you provide for somebody wanting to do the same?

Shoutout Video 

Make a shoutout video to place somebody in the spotlight! This can be somebody who encouraged you, your most loved YouTuber, or one of your most supportive fans.

Behind the Scenes

Many people accept that being a YouTuber is simple and doesn’t take a ton of work. Create a video to demonstrate to your viewers everything that goes into making videos. Composing content, recording, altering, publishing, and so forth.

Your Bucket List Video

Do you have a list of things you need to do in life before you pass away? Create a video about your bucket list and discuss everything that is on the list and why you need to do that in your life!

Your Goal Video

Your bucket list is things you need to do during your life, but you can also have some short term goals. Offer your present objectives like graduating, figuring out how to play an instrument, or learning another language.

Video Blogs

If you’re not an everyday vlogger and publish content infrequently, your viewers may want to know more about your day to day life and what you do outside of YouTube. Do a video blog where you demonstrate more about your everyday life.

10 Things You Do When You Are Bored

What do you do when you are bored? Play videogames? Make a list of the things you do when you are bored and make a video about that. It may enable your viewers to discover activities when they are bored too.

Collection Video

If you appreciate collecting something like shoes, watches, or even magnets, flaunt your whole accumulation in a video.

Your Pet

If you have a pet, you likely have bunches of stories you can share. How did you get it and why? What does your pet do that you like or dislike? Making videos on a pet is likely to attract viewers.

A Crazy Travel Story

There are many possibilities for craziness on any vacation. What is the craziest or most odd thing that happened while voyaging?

A Story About Your Hobby

Maybe you have a hobby you are passionate about. You can tell a few tales about it to your viewers. How did you begin this leisure activity?

A Good Love Story

Did your partner have a romantic surprise for you? Did he/she make something extremely sweet for your birthday or anniversary?

Something New You Tried

Remember a time you tried something new and your experience. It may be a game, an interest, or food you have tried.

Introduce Friends or Family

Your friends and family at times show up in your content yet you never introduced them to your supporters, this can make an extraordinary video.

Do a Challenge

YouTube challenges are prevalent, and they are increasingly fun. Do them with a companion or family member!

Most Loved YouTube Videos or YouTubers

If you create youtube videos, you most likely watch other YouTubers’ videos. Offer your preferred videos with your viewers or some other YouTubers you are a fan of.

Make a Tutorial

Do you have the skill to finish a troublesome part of a game or accomplish something intriguing? Create a video tutorial to show others how to do it!

Now that you have a list of topics to start making videos for YouTube, it’s time to start making awesome content!








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